Greg Schaber took up the guitar over 40 years ago--at age 11--in his hometown, Alexandria, Kentucky. He was originally inspired by the music he heard on the radio, at the Methodist Church, and on television shows such as WLW’s “Midwestern Hayride.” But the Beatles opened the window to a wider world-view, the guitar playing of Eric Clapton opened the door to blues, and a late 60’s Public Broadcasting production featuring Albert King knocked the door completely off of its hinges. Greg played with numerous rock, folk-rock and jazz-rock bands throughout college, then spent the next 15 years playing whatever paid the rent--from wedding receptions to solo jazz gigs--all the while making various attempts to form blues-oriented bands.

These numerous and varied experiences turned into a long-term advantage: Greg’s ability to handle a broad stylistic range, from the diverse, down-home acoustic blues styles of players like Son House, Gary Davis and Lightnin’ Hopkins to urban electric blues, swing and even singer/songwriter-type material--and to infuse those styles with honest soul--sets his work apart.

All of which has not gone unnoticed. Since the Cincinnati Enquirer launched it’s Cincinnati Area Pop Music Awards (CAMMYs) in 1997 (the awards were discontinued in 2004), Greg was recognized twice as Best Blues Instrumentalist and once as Best Blues/R&B Vocalist (making him the first area musician in any genre to win CAMMYs as both an instrumentalist and vocalist).